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L'italiano è bello ! Welcome to our Italian grammar website in English ! It contains a large number of Italian grammar worksheets which were designed and developed by native speakers of the Italian language. As our intention is to promote the Italian language, we provide the worksheets for free for educational purposes. Our grammar exercises can be used by teachers in Italian lessons at school to train Italian grammar. Students may also use them as a preparation for tests as all exercises come with a solution. The worksheets offer various levels of difficulties and can therefore be used either by English speaking beginners or by advanced learners of the Italian language. If you prefer free interactive Italian grammar exercises for beginners we suggest trying our site www.italiangrammar.ribeca.de.
Our grammar exercises cover the following grammatical categories: Articolo, avverbio, passato prossimo, trapassato prossimo, passato remoto, presente, imperfetto, negazione, plurale, passivo, congiuntivo presente, congiuntivo imperfetto, condizionale presente, futuro semplice, imperativo, periodo ipotetico, preposizioni, pronomi personali, pronomi relativi, pronomi possessivi, pronomi combinati, numerali, interrogativi, concordanza dei tempi e dei modi, discorso indiretto.
To support your learning process you will also find our popular Italian vocabulary trainer in English. If you have any questions about our exercises, please refer to our Italian discussion board . Enjoy our grammar exercises and improve your knowledge of the Italian language !